Create an account, link your wallet, and begin accumulating wealth.

Realtychain now tokenizes real estate properties in fractions, making it affordable and accessible to everyone.

The platform will provide an SEC-compliant alternative that makes buying, earning passive rental income and selling real estate affordable, instant and fun!

#1. Create your Realtychain account

Includes basic information about you and KYC verification, which allows you to purchase rDAO and asset tokens.

According to the SEC, Realtychain tokens are securities; in order to purchase them at present moment, you must either be an accredited investor or a non-US citizen.

#2. Purchase asset tokens

Explore the Realtychain marketplace for current offerings. Tokens can be purchased from RealtyDao using fiat, BNB, BTC or ETH.

You can buy tokens from RealtyDao with fiat money, cryptocurrency, or by staking your current cryptocurrency.

#3. Get paid in crypto

Realtychain lets you own real estate on autopilot with our partnered management teams that run the asset to its highest potential.

Your payouts will be sent directly to your wallet in any of the coins we support.

#4. Get asset tokens

Realtychain lets you own real estate tokens on autopilot with our vetted management teams that run the asset to its highest potential and distribute proceeds directly to your wallet.

Each token's underlying asset value is updated on a regular basis in conjunction with thorough reporting by the asset manager.

#5. Enjoy improved liquidity

Tokens can be redeemed with Realtychain directly after the initial hold period of 12 months required under US Securities law.

Interested in taking part in the Early Access Program?

Realtychain is tokenizing our first real estate assets - join our Early Access Program to be part of it.